It is preferable to wear form fitting clothes to cover the brit, such as a bathing suit, to keep the brit elevated.

Dry bandage: This prevents irritation of the wound during movement; it is advisable to try to keep the bandage as dry as possible.    

Stitches: These automatically dissolve and may last for up to three weeks.

Pain: Generally caused by an erection; an ice pack can be placed between the legs. Acamol can be taken against pain, if not allergic, according to a doctor’s recommendation.

Hematoma: (blood coagulating under the skin after the brit) This is a routine occurrence, resulting from the anesthetic, and usually disappears on its own.

Day after the brit: The bandage should be replaced by another bandage which should hold for four days (the bandage should be changed by a doctor, nurse or mohel).  

On the fifth day: (excluding Shabbat) The  bandage should be gently removed under the shower; it should come right off.  

After removal of the bandage: Clean the brit well with soap, dry thoroughly, and place a new dry bandage, to prevent rubbing and irritation of the wound.

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